Friday, 22 February 2013

Wedding Day Hand Embellished Print Now Available

It's finally finished and available to order as a wedding gift or special anniversary present.  If you do order (details below) then please give Gallery Sales as much information about the wedding as possible and I will do my best to incorporate all the details.  The personalisation will be added to a Giclee print which is top quality archival paper which won't fade within 70 years.  The details that can be added bar any special requests are:
1)  The couples names on the banner from the plane and the A board where the reception is being held in the picture.
2) The time of the wedding on the clock of the church.
3) The bride and grooms hair colour.
4) The bridesmaids hair colour and the colour of their dresses.
5) The town where the wedding is being held.

For orders please ring Gallery Sales on 01455 208852/07887361305 or email

Thank you so much for being on another Nuggleton journery with me and for your ongoing support. 

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