Thursday, 28 March 2013

Really Exciting News

I have some amazing news....I have just heard that I have been accepted as a member of the ABNA, the Association of British Naive Artists after a panel of judges voted unanimously for my work. This means I will now take part in a two week exhibition in August in Cornwall where collectors of naive art come from around the country and from abroad to view the paintings. I am so pleased, proud and excited and I hope you will all continue on this wonderful journey with me.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Matthew Oliver, Wedding Planner

Rugby Scrum is now available to buy as a top quality Giclee print in two sizes.  This will be on archival paper with crisp, clear colours as good as the original paintings.  Go to for more details on how to order.

Also, Wedding Day has had a wonderful write up on Matthew Oliver, Wedding Planner website.  Copy and paste the link below into your browser bar to read all about it:

Friday, 15 March 2013

Rugby Scrum is Finished

This is 'Rugby Scrum' finished and winging its way to

This has been a real challenge for me as I am still new to doing people and fine detail but I think my style has come a long way from 'Hilltop Cafe' and gradually my new work will replace the old, but I hope it will still keep the heart of Nuggleton By The Sea with the humour and of course Mitsy and Dusty....just in case I ever get to write that book!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Rugby Scrum

I am doing four paintings at once to try and meet the demand at the moment.  This is one earmarked for Gallery Sales called 'Rugby Scrum' I know nothing about Rugby it is an interesting challenge.  My other three are called 'Maypole Dancers', '5-A-Side Football' and 'Marching Band' and I will post progress on them as soon as possible.

I have taken 'Street Football' to Cobra Frames to be mounted and framed ready for its journey to The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington on 5th April.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Street Football is Finished

Street Football painting is finished and will be mounted and framed and then available for sale in The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington, Yorkshire from the 5th April.  All my work is still available to buy as prints or originals at but this is a small diversion to see what the interest will be when my work is actually on display on a gallery wall.  As there is so much detail, you don't get to see it all unless you are up close and even then I have been told that you can come back to the picture time and again and still see something new.

The next painting is either going to be a marching band or a rugby scrum....not much difference, ha ha!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Street Football Nearly Finished

This painting should be finished on Thursday and Friday and then it is going to be mounted and framed and taken over to The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington, Yorkshire where it will be displayed for a couple of months, giving people a chance in that area to actually view my work with all its detail up close rather than just through the internet.

I am still with Gallery Sales in Leicester, but I have been given the chance to spread my wings so this is the start of another new adventure for Nuggleton.  Most of you have been on the journey with me from the very beginning, well...we have miles to go before we sleep!