Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lots of Fun Today

I had great fun with this update of Street Football on facebook today, I asked people to vote on the gender of the driver who has knocked the 'Nuggleton Welcomes Careful Drivers' sign down.  I promised that I would paint the winning answer as the driver and so far it is a male, open voting until tomorrow if you want to go to Nuggleton Art on facebook and comment.

It is beginning to come together and with more people and more kids playing football, I think it will look ok.  I have enjoyed doing this painting.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Street Football Progress

The painting is beginning to come to life now and Dusty cat has appeared on a fence, I knew she wouldn't miss out on any action.  I wonder who the caravan belongs to?  I like the variety of trees and the walls and fences, I am loving working on this picture.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Street Football

Sorry that the photo is a bit dark, but the journery begins for 'Street Football' with boys and tomboys playing in the foreground, surrounded by houses, trees, walls, fences, gates, a postbox and a telephone box (watch here for a childhood memory that this generation will never see).  I hope you enjoy following the progress!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Wedding Day Hand Embellished Print Now Available

It's finally finished and available to order as a wedding gift or special anniversary present.  If you do order (details below) then please give Gallery Sales as much information about the wedding as possible and I will do my best to incorporate all the details.  The personalisation will be added to a Giclee print which is top quality archival paper which won't fade within 70 years.  The details that can be added bar any special requests are:
1)  The couples names on the banner from the plane and the A board where the reception is being held in the picture.
2) The time of the wedding on the clock of the church.
3) The bride and grooms hair colour.
4) The bridesmaids hair colour and the colour of their dresses.
5) The town where the wedding is being held.

For orders please ring Gallery Sales on 01455 208852/07887361305 or email

Thank you so much for being on another Nuggleton journery with me and for your ongoing support. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hand Embellished Wedding Day Print

Gradually, Wedding Day is filling out nicely and taking character.  So much small detail to add to bring it totally to life, people , cars, bunting, keeping the areas to be personalised blank to fill in after the Giclee print has been done.  Giclee is a beautiful paper which will have a white border round the painting, it is archival quality so it won't fade within 70 years.  The colours are crisp and bright after printing and then I add the names, colours and any other personalisation to make it special for the bride and groom who will receive the gift.  Gallery Sales are dealing with all orders and I will do the hand embellishment once I have received all the details.  I love this picture and I hope the little village tells a lovely story of a traditional wedding day.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Morris Dancers is Sold!

I shall have to paint quicker as I am pleased to announce that 'Morris Dancers' has sold within 24 hours!

A very emotional time, thank you for being on this incredible journey with me.  Next painting?  Maypole Dancers.....

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wedding Day Hand Embellished Prints

Well, it has been a very busy and exciting time in Nuggleton land.  Brass Band painting has sold and there is a lot of interest in Morris Dancers and the above Wedding Day, which is beginning to come to life.  The hand embellishments which will be done on top quality Giclee prints include the name of the bride and groom on the banner of the plane, the time of the wedding on the church clock, the hair colour of the bride and groom, the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, the name of the town on a 'Welcome to....' sign and an A board at the reception at the pub across the road which will have the couples names on.....phew!  An unusual present but so nice that the day is encaptured in a painting telling a little story.

Pre-orders are being taken at, telephone 01455 208852 or 07887361305 and ask for Mark, who is lovely and can answer any other queries regarding prints or paintings relating to Nuggleton.

I am starting a May Day painting with dancers round a maypole to work on when parts of Wedding Day are drying, so many little time.

Thank you for still being on the journey with me, haven't we come a long way?  Nuggleton is growing in popularity and the greatest pleasure comes from sharing it with you all :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Morris Dancers Update & Newspaper Showcase

Still a long way to go but I am really happy with the way it is developing, just another few thousand bricks to add and the spectators to finish and then the boats and some seagulls need adding.

A great showcase for my work and a link to Gallery Sales, thank you Nicola at the Midweek Visiter for all her help and for giving me this opportunity to share Nuggleton.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Morris Dancers

This is the next painting in the series for Gallery Sales and I have named the pub after its namesake just outside Southport, which was always a landmark when I was a child to let me know we were nearly at the seaside.  Lots more to do, but developing nicely and I am happy with the colours.

Next chance to paint will be over the weekend, although I have to fit in another trip to the printers, but I will try and put another update on soon.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nuggleton Paintings And Prints For Sale At Last

Using the link above, you can now view all my paintings available as prints and one painting available as an original.  It's been an exciting journey to get to this place and I thank you all for your support along the way.

I have booked a week off work to paint so more updates on new work to come.......

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Busy Day

Hi everyone!

I have spent all afternoon at the printers getting Giclee prints ordered of 'Harbour Road', 'Circus', 'Washing Day' and 'Hilltop Cafe' ready for the Gallery Sales launch at the end of the week, alongside the original painting of 'Brass Band'.  I just need to get on with the rest of the series to accompany these paintings now.  I will post a link on here for you to see Brass Band in its new home.

I haven't been able to paint this week yet as I have been too busy and I am itching to get working on 'Morris Dancers' so maybe Thursday afternoon and I will put a pic on here of progress.

Have a lovely evening!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Brass Band Finished!

Phew, after a full day painting in the remaining bricks of the wall and underlining each one plus a few other tweaks, I think it is finally finished.  Get ready.......

There will be a series of these paintings to all link together, so the next one will be Harbour Road with Morris Dancers.  It is exciting times for Nuggleton and there has been a lot of interest.  Hopefully, this original will be on a gallery website in the next few weeks and then who knows?  If there is a buyer then the rest of the series will follow on through them.

I hope you have enjoyed watching the progress of this painting, I will do a step by step of the Morris Dancers so watch this blog and thank you all for looking and supporting, it is always appreciated.