Friday, 25 January 2013

Nuggleton Brass Band and Nuggleton Bay

Not the best photo as I have just realised that the end house on the right is missing but it lets you see how this painting will develop.  The Nuggleton Brass Band are marching along Harbour Road, but in this painting the houses have been upgraded and there will be a resident at an open door watching the band.  I will be doing the usual brick harbour wall and boat and as always Mollie, Liam, Mitsy and Dusty (and my dad this time as he loves brass bands) will be watching as well.

The little painting of Nuggleton Bay is coming along also and we have a lighthouse making its debut in this one and a house for sale.

More up to date photos on my Nuggleton facebook page and I will put another update on here as soon as possible.  I have already tweaked Nuggleton Bay to change the back doors, finish the washing and have started to add details to the gardens as I want them to be busy with lots of things to see.

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