Saturday, 5 January 2013

Carnival Day

I just have to add lots of people to this picture, which is really a draft for a larger version, but I quite like it so I will mount and frame it to sell at the annual Churchtown Art Club Exhibition as I don't have any small Nuggleton By The Sea pictures with this much detail.

I like the helter skelter and the marching band, I would change the layout for the larger painting.


  1. This is a little cracker! Your trees are excellent good dark shading and your branches tip top and your darks against lights are working. I can hear the 100 strong brass band albeit cleverly you can only see a few, and the washing in the foreground breaks up what could have been a bare area. 10/10 for this one

  2. Wow, praise indeed. That has made my day, thank you Polly! x

  3. Re facebook - Have you noticed on Sharontheramblingartist she has a facebook badge - I have been trying to download it for ages all different ways, it is no big deal but you may want to look into this.